Payment & Delivery

As an online Research chemical database of world Chemicals and Chemical Suppliers, our website provides the chemical community with the most competitive promotion prices on the market, check the legal status of each item in your country before ordering to demand a discreet delivery for illegal areas 



1. Payment methods and how they work:

We accept only Bitcoin, Western Union, and Money Gram Money order payments. These are the major payment methods available for us at this moment due to our system break down we can’t accept payment into bank account. Also, you can make payment online using your credit card through a Western Union site:

1.0 Bitcoin:  We always advise our clients to make payment with bitcoin for they have less transfer charges. We also confirm payment by bitcoin. Just go to your play store or App Store and Download the app named Coinbase then sign up and buy bitcoin directly into your bitcoin account or login to to purchase coins it’s very easy and fast for order confirmation without any complications.

To buy Bitcoin Using cashApp balance: follow the youtube link and learn more:

Bitcoin ATM : search for bitcoin ATM machines in your area by following the link

The payment pages used here are secure and you can safely enter your card details to pay for your order. We accept the following methods of payment: Bitcoin, WesternUnion, MoneyGram.

When you are using WU or MG it is simply money in minute transfer. You are just sending your funds from your location to another location in which we can fastly confirm and proceed with a secure shipment to your address. All the info you need is the Name, Last name, City and country of the receiver. (We will send this by invoice to you after placing an order)

This information is enough to make a transfer. You will get current payment details onto your email immediately after you place an order at checkout and invoice. You’ll also have to fill in your information, please don’t be afraid to fill all the info is required from you, the WU/MG transfers are not traceable as the CC ones it is much safer, just tell them that it is a donation or you are sending money to your friend or relative(WU/MG is not supposed for business). Do not protect your transfer with a secret question, fill in only the necessary fields.

After you make a transfer, you must confirm payment by email to our email with the following information: – The correct MTCN number (Western Union number consist of 10 digits, Money Gram has 8 digits) – The exact amount of the transfer – Your correct first/last name and a photo of the payment receipt

IMPORTANT! If Western Union or Money Gram asks you about the purpose of sending money tell them that they are for your relatives (family) or for a friend in need (they do not allow sending money for commercial purposes especially for non-priscription orders). They do not need or have any right to know what you may need to send money overseas for. For safety please do not include any notes on the transaction such as our web site name or any product name. You can use your credit card to arrange online transfer from the Western Union website or Money Gram`s site

1.1 Why you do not accept PayPal?

We do not use PayPal. They are scammers and steal money, we already heavily suffered from them. We advise everybody to cease using their services! Check this out: Also, PayPal and Credit Card services have virulent anti crime divisions which will vigorously seek out, find, and assist LE in prosecuting those who use their services for criminal endeavors. If you use them in spite of this knowledge you do so at your own peril.

1.2 Why you do not accept Credit Cards?

I regret we do not accept credit or debit cards as a method of payment at the moment. Our preferred method of payment is a Money order, as this is instant and will ensure your goods are dispatched very quickly. You can make payment online using your credit card through a Western Union`s or Money Gram`s site  moneygram No true steroid website is accepted by a credit company. Money transfer is safe and easy and we can accept credit cards this way but not direct. Credit Card services have virulent anti crime divisions that will vigorously seek out, find, and assist LE in prosecuting those who use their services for criminal endeavors. If you use them in spite of this knowledge you do so at your own peril. 1.3 Do you accept International bank-to-bank (wire) transfer? Existing customers may use this option for their convenience, but we do not provide our accounts to new customers due to security reasons. Again, you have to ask us for details. for orders above $750

1.4 How long does it take for you to receive my Money Transfer?

Payments made by Money order Transfer are normally processed and cleared within 1-2 business days. Confirmation of payment will follow once payment has cleared. 1.5 Sending money internationally for a domestic source?  Domestic shipping doesn’t mean that’s where the operation is based. We are smart and keep as many layers between ourselves and LE as possible. You may do CIM(cash in the mail) once you’ve placed a couple of orders and paid by WU/MG. Feds don’t have jurisdiction overseas so it is a layer of our protection. Steroids are legal in some countries it is another layer of our protection. 1.6 What to send when I paid with Western/MoneyGram?  –  Digits of MTCN (money transfer control number) – Sender’s First name (name of the person who paid money) – Sender’s Last name (last name of the person who paid money) – The exact amount and currency wired (without Western Union fee) – Payment via (if it differs from the previously specified when ordering) – Order Number

1.7 Ordering process

Enable cookies and pop-ups for our site in your browser and add our e-mail into your address book, otherwise, our messages might be blocked by your spam filter. We experience problems with att, sbcglobal, and some other internet providers’ servers. Some of the servers completely block our messages, so if you don’t receive anything – try using a different address. Add products to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You won’t be able to proceed if your order fewer discounts are lower than the minimum order limit, which is fixed at 80-$250 for our shop. You must receive an email from us immediately after this, please follow the instructions in this email.

1.8 Does WU or MG require an ID?

Not always. Usually, they only require ID if you are placing an order over $1,000. However, you can always split an order of over $1k into smaller money transfers.