6-APB Succinate

6-APB Succinate




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6-APB known formally as (6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran) is a psychoactive empathogen. 6-APB was known widely in the UK as Benzo Fury and was once the most popular research chemical on the market. It has suffered issues since the UK NPS bill, mainly due to manufacturing, or lack of thereof.

We are pleased to be stocking this compound. One of the best empathogens currently on the market.

(Legal Ecstasy – Research Chemical)
Again AVAILABLE IN BULK After Recent Sell Out **
 Be aware of poor quality, low purity 6-APB currently found to be in the market
*Please also be aware of 6-APB scams – You Can NOT Buy 6-APB from China – It Is Banned There*
We are the original supplier of 6-APB
We brought the compound to the market and only sell 6-APB of the very highest quality and purity available
 You can be assured we only supply genuine 6-APB Powder & 6-APB Pellets. Our current 6-APB stock is the latest synth of the highest possible purity available.
This is the purest 6-APB available in the EU or anywhere else around the globe.
6-APB | 1-(benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine’s only permitted uses are as a legal drug / research chemical – laboratory reagent and for GC/MS reference sample purposes.
6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran or 1-benzofuran-6-ylpropan-2-amine (6-APB). Chemically, it is of the phenethylamine and amphetamine classes. It is an analogue of MDA where the 3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl ring system has been replaced with a benzofuran ring. 6-APB is also the unsaturated benzofuran derivative of 6-APDB.
Available in succinate form
Bulk | Wholesale 6-APB inquiries are always welcome
Please note, 6-APB is not available to USA & UK Based Customers, or those in any other location where it may be controlled.


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