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Buy Phenzacaine

Phenzacaine is a blend with the main ingredient being 3-FPM, it has been a top-selling stimulant for the last 3 years in almost every country that we ship to.

-What is  Phenzacain? 

Phenzacaine is a research chemical having one of the main ingredients of  3- FPM. 3- FPM  is the abbreviation for 3- Fluorophenmetrazine . 3- FPM  is a stimulant known to increase the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine during research experiments.  

3- FPM  was first synthesized in 2011. Although  Phenzacaine is very recent on the chemical research market, the researchers noted that it produces powerful results of euphoria, stimulation, improvement of concentration, faster thinking, and a general increase in motivation. Results can be seen up to 8 hours after the start of the research experiment.  

-Where to buy Phenzacaine  ? 

High-Chemical is one of the best sellers of  Phenzacaine online. We sell  Phenzacaine in powder form. However, other forms such as the crystalline form are also often available. Please contact us to find out if we have the form of  Phenzacaine you prefer. If you wish to purchase  Phenzacaine from HighChemical, you must be at least  18 years of age. 

Our  Phenzacaine is not intended for internal use in humans or animals. It is only intended for research purposes.  

-Legality of  Phenzacaine

Phenzacaine is not expected in most countries. However, 3- FPM, the active ingredient in  Phenzacaine, is illegal in Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States (because it is an analog of phenmetrazine)  

Always store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf life. This product is only intended for forensic applications and research. Therefore, it is NOT intended for human consumption or in-vitro experimentation on any type of animal or living organism. 


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