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SDB-005 is a synthetic cannabinoid that is indazole based, it is also a powerful agonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

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5F-SDB-005 is an indazole type synthetic cannabinoid that has recently become very popular as a designer drug, yet retains some very useful properties as a research chemical.

Like most indazole derivatives, this compound seems to be a strong agonist of both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in human and animal nervous systems, the so-called cannabinoid receptors. 5F-SDB-005 is perhaps most closely analogous to PB-22, thought a naphthalene group has been swapped out for the 8-hydroxyquinoline group of that compound. It is also very functionally similar to research chemicals like 5F-ADB and 5F-MN-18.

This product should not be confused with the N-phenyl analogue of SDB-006, which was once called SDB-005. 5F-SDB-005’s Ki values are very different, with Ki of 21nM at CB1 and 140nM at CB2.

Can 5F-SDB-005 be sent to my address?

Yes. You can buy 5F-SDB-005 online now.

High chemical shops sell 5F-SDB-005 as a research chemical, and for no other purpose. It is suitable only for in vitro experimentation or as an identification or calibration sample for laboratory equipment. It should not be taken by humans or used on animals in any way. Please ensure that it is handled by trained professionals, and stored carefully.

What side-effects are typical of 5F-SDB-005?

5F-SDB-005 is a synthetic cannabinoid of the indazole family. Though there have been few formal studies of its in vivo effects, we can reasonably expect it to have many of the same features of this chemical family. This expectation is backed up by numerous first hand and anecdotal accounts as well.

By all accounts, it produces the same euphoria that makes the indazole derivatives popular as recreational chemicals. It is said to act as a muscle relaxant and has been used to some effect as a sleep aid.

Not all of its effects are said to be beneficial, though. Like most such chemicals, its use can be characterised by anxiety and/or paranoia. It has been reported as causing mild hallucinations, and more often with affecting the sense of time.

Is 5F-SDB-005 legal to my country?

That is a surprisingly complicated question. In some jurisdictions, the indazole-3-carboxylate compound called 5F-SDB-005 is listed as a controlled substance, and others list it, but refer to the N-phenyl analogue of SDB-006. It could also fall under a number of blanket bans of indazole derivatives of cannabis substitutes.

For this reason, we must stress that it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to research and comply with the laws regarding banned or restricted chemicals in their countries or states. High Chem cannot undertake to do this research, nor can they be responsible for orders lost due to errors by the buyer. You must ensure that your entire order is in compliance with all laws and regulations.

5F-SDB005 is not labelled for or approved for human or in vivo use and it should be handled by personnel who have had proper chemical safety training only.


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