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Fluclotizolam 0.5mg Blotters


Fluclotizolam 0.5mg Blotters



Fluclotizolam 0.5mg Blotters We are pleased to be stocking Fluclotizolam pellets.

Fluclotizolam is a brand new benzodiazepine with sedative, disinhibiting, anxiolytic, and memory suppressing effects. It is a very potent benzodiazepine. We will also be listing Fluclotizolam blotters later in the week.


  1. admin

    Can we get these in blotters? And when?

  2. admin

    Best RC Benzos Ive had so far

  3. admin

    second best after etizolam

  4. admin

    Really good. I was really surprised about the effects. Verry fast shpping

  5. admin

    My new fav Benz, I keep you closer and regular

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