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Methoxetamine chemical powder




Methoxetamine powder.

Methoxetamine chemical powder is a research chemical and dissociative drug of the arylcyclohexylamines chemical class with the stimulant, depressant, anti-depressant, hallucinogenic, and analgesic effects.

What is Methoxetamine? Methoxetamine chemical powder

Methoxetamine (MXE, 3-MeO-2-Oxo-PCE) is a research chemical and dissociative drug of the arylcyclohexylamines chemical class with a stimulant, depressant, anti-depressant, hallucinogenic, and analgesic effects. Effects are somewhat comparable to the effects of DXM.

The drug functions as both a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and an NMDA receptor antagonist, mimicking the action of both common antidepressants and dissociative drugs like ketamine, which itself behaves as a potent antidepressant.

Ways of Administration:

Methoxetamine can be administered through a variety of different routes including oral consumption, intranasal insufflation, intramuscular injection, intravenous injection, sublingual/buccal absorption, and rectal administration. Each route differs from one another in terms of the compound’s time of onset, potency, and duration.

Positive Effects of Methoxetamine. Methoxetamine chemical powder

– Mild to moderate euphoria
– Antidepressant effects persisting for up to several days
– Pronounced feeling of calmness
– Anxiolysis (reduction in anxiety)
– Reflective and introspective state of mind (Cogitation)
– Insight into personal issues
– Increased clarity, detail, and/or complexity of thoughts
– Increased ability to socialize
– Increased enjoyment of music
– Spontaneous and vivid recall of latent memories.

Negative Effects of Methoxetamine.

– Short-term memory impairment, gradually resolving with abstinence
– Impairment of language processing including difficulty finding the correct words to describe thoughts
– Grandiose thinking or overconfidence
– Reduction in quality of sleep immediately the following use
– Increase in anxiety at high doses
– Distressing or unwanted thoughts or insights
– Psychological dependency; risk may be greater for introverted people
– Disconnection from consensus reality with prolonged abuse
– Disorganized thoughts
– Catatonia (high doses)
– Blackouts (high doses)
– Respiratory depression (high doses & when combined with other CNS depressants)
– Death (overdose).

Different Uses for Methoxetamine.

Methoxetamine is a versatile substance. It is used in both solitary and social settings and may provide one of several desired results.

In a private, solitary setting, the drug may be used to increase introspection and to examine personal issues or matters of importance from a fresh perspective. Anxiety-provoking thoughts and memories may become less so under the influence of MXE, permitting the difficult subject matter to be examined with greater productivity.

The relatively mild psychedelic effects of the drug combined with its ability to assuage anxiety with little cognitive impairment make it a candidate for use as an adjunct to therapy in the opinion of some users. Meditation is another activity that the drug may enhance, as users often experience a strong feeling of centeredness, calmness, or peacefulness field.



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