Purchase 2-methyl-MAF online | 2-methyl-MAF

Purchase 2-methyl-MAF online | 2-methyl-MAF




Purchase 2-methyl-MAF.

Purchase 2-methyl-MAF online is a powerful opioid research chemical, you can stop your choice in 2-methyl-maf. This designer drug is similar to fentanyl. 2-methyl-maf is analogous by its activity to Fu-F research chemicals.


To know about 2-methyl-maf effects we recommend to read about Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F) as both of these drugs are similar. However, 2-methyl-MAF hasn’t been properly tested yet. Possible 2-methyl-maf could include nausea, skin itching, difficulty in breathing. Don’t use 2-methyl-maf with alcohol as it could be extremely dangerous and even lead to death cases.

2-methyl-MAF – NOTE:

There is a number of other opioids, which act similarly to 2-methyl-maf. Among them it’s worth mentioning:

3-Methylbutyrfentanyl and 3-Methylfentanyl;
Butyrfentanyl PX-3, Acrylfentanyl and 4-Fluorofentanylas well as Acetyl fentanyl and α-Methylfentanyl.

ORDER 2-METHYL-MAF ONLINE | Purchase 2-methyl-MAF online

2-methyl-MAF also called 2-ME-MAF – is a very close analog to the fentanyl family of synthetic opioid products that is a powerful opioid.

Also, 2-methyl-MAF (2-ME-MAF) is almost identical, chemically, to the better known Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F).

2-methyl-MAF (2-ME-MAF) has not yet been thoroughly tested yet.

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  1. Philipo

    The 3-Methylfentanyl is one of the most potent opioids, estimated to be between 400 and 6000 times stronger than morphine

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